So we have begun the process of leveling out parts of our yard.

When we purchased the property, the original plan was to clean up the property’s Zone 1 (House +50ft ish) by planting attractive looking bushes and trees, de-rock and level as much as we can and plant some grass.  While not totally inline with our plan to green the property using permaculture practices, we have to balance that desire with the reality that we may need to eventually sell the house to someone who will not care one whit about permaculture systems.

Previously, I had done dirt sifting by hand with a 2’x3′ box sifter made from screen and 1×3’s. This was very slow.  Annoyingly slow.

After watching some homesteading videos, I realized that gravity can help, so I spent the $15 to build a Better Sifter.  While still a very manual process, this sifter helps in that it is custom designed to fit on top of my wheel barrel, and is angled such that a bulk of the rocks rolls down the slope and into a bucket.  This sped up the process significantly.

The next step would be to build one large enough to handle the capacity of a small Bobcat’s scoop… but that is for another time when the budget allows both the building of a bigger sifter and renting of a bobcat 🙂

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